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Phishing SImulation

Incorporating a Phishing Simulation Tool as part of an organization's cybersecurity strategy can help reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks and enhance the overall security posture by creating a vigilant and informed workforce.

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The Phishing Simulation Tool of ShieldbyteLMS Academy plays a critical role in strengthening an organization's cybersecurity posture by training employees to be vigilant against phishing attacks. They allow organizations to proactively assess their susceptibility to phishing threats and provide valuable insights for improving security awareness and practices. The tool creates controlled, simulated phishing scenarios to mimic real-world cyber threats and gauge employees' security awareness.

Phishing Campaign Creation

ShieldbyteLMS facilitates easily creating and customizing simulated phishing campaigns, including crafting convincing phishing emails and landing pages, often without coding skills.

Realistic Phishing Scenarios

The tool provides a wide range of phishing templates and scenarios, mimicking various phishing attacks, such as spear-phishing, credential harvesting, and malware delivery.

User Training and Awareness

ShieldbyteLMS security tool offers interactive training modules and resources to educate employees about phishing risks, tactics, and identifying and responding to phishing attempts.

User Segmentation

Users can be segmented into different groups, allowing organizations to target specific departments or roles with tailored campaigns and training.

Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics dashboards provide insights into campaign effectiveness, employee performance, and areas needing improvement of an organisation.


The tool often allows organizations to tailor campaigns to match their specific industry and threat landscape, enhancing the relevance of training exercises.

Scheduled Campaigns

Administrators can schedule phishing campaigns to run at specific times, allowing organizations to test employee readiness periodically.

Phishing Templates Library

A library of pre-built phishing email templates and landing pages helps a corporation to streamline campaign setup.

Feedback and Remediation

The tool offers immediate feedback to users who fall for simulated phishing attacks, guiding what they should have done differently.

Compliance Reporting

Organizations subject to regulatory compliance requirements are covered by tools and provide the reporting to demonstrate compliance efforts.


They are scalable to accommodate the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Continuous Improvement

Data and insights from campaigns help organizations refine their security training programs and improve employee awareness over time.