ShieldbyteLMS brings state-of-the-art approach for Corporate Employee Training program
in the field of Cyber Security Awareness, Risk Management and Compliance.

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Academy Platform Features

ShieldbyteLMS training programmes are noteworthy and consistent in helping organisations improve their performance and efficiency. Self-paced e-learning courses and quizzes accessible from anywhere for affordable subscription models meet your learning and development needs.
Course Administration
Perceive employee progress and ensure that they meet the performance milestones with extensive training.
Swift Deployment
Complete course materials needed for security and compliance trainings are housed on a centralized platform.
Recorded Videos
Play back the lectures and work through the videos at their own pace, which can be helpful in professional courses.
Analytics and Reports
Encompassing evaluation and analysis of the data for courses and employee training with reports.
Anywhere Access
A web portal with anywhere access to employees with a registered official email address to facilitate the learning and development process.
LMS with a Comprehensive Dashboard for tracking training progress, Leader Boards, and License Management.
Preconfigured Courses
Cyber security and compliance courses for comprehensive information security, GRC, and data privacy training.
Course Progression
Companies can perceive Employee progress analytics using a course activity accomplishment tracking system.
Bring Your Content
Enterprise ShieldbyteLMS with bring your own content for on-the-job training for Employees and Clients.
The training is useful and accomplishes its objectives, with meeting Quality & Effectiveness Standards.
Badges signify Accomplishments on Completion of Training by mastering Skills, with developing job proficiency.
Certificates of completion are generated in real time based on Employee feedback and Success Metrics.
Leader Boards
A Great Leader Board fosters Employee competition and motivation while also assisting in Productivity gains by meeting goals.
Course Catalogue
A Course Catalogue containing comprehensive course content required for the development of Cyber Defense and Compliance abilities.
Corporate LMS with utmost security protocol for managing participants' and employees' personal information.

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